Jalgora’s Kids' Club is an alternative to the children's school and it includes several structural components: a children's room with a tutor, a special training slope and a school where the children can continue their classes in a more specific direction, as well as to participate in competitions. 

Groups are designed for children aged 3 to 9. The maximum number of children in a group is seven. Group training involves two instructors. 

Education in the Kid’s Club takes a game form and is designed with different stages in mind, from simple to complex. The education program allows children to grasp ski culture. For example, they will understand the rules of conduct on a ski slope and on lifts, they will be able to distinguish the common signs in the ski world. Only instructors trained in the National League of Instructors of Russia, a special program designed for working with kids, work in the Club.  

There is a special slope for children’s training that is equipped with a safe lifting system of Austrian production known as the Wonder Carpet. It is equipped with a high degree of protection and is specially designed for children. Moreover, the slope is equipped with all kinds of appliances; for example, tassels, gate-blocks, and colourful toys to conduct training exercises. There is no chance a child will be injured, even in the case of a fall.  


Information will be published during the 2013/2014 season.