Corporate events

The Jalgora Active Leisure Centre is situated in a picturesque place, on the Onega Lake coastal shore…

Imagine a calm water surface, with sandy bay shores, and trees whispering on the hillside… 

In autumn, the pallet of colours explode in a play of rich red, deep green, soft brown and lovely gold. In winter, the snow transforms the landscape into a breath-taking sparkling vision, which  leaves a dazzling impression, unique in its own right.    

These places are incredibly beautiful any time of the year. All-year round they invite residents from bigger cities to escape from their everyday routines and to take a break and breath deeply from the refreshing and pure air. It allows them to tune in a serene state of mind. 

In order to make these places popular for a wide range of events, just a little effort was needed, and now we have a creation of modern and quality infrastructure that preserves the essence of nature. 

The picturesque nature-filled landscapes have been complemented with the achievements of technical progress and civilization in order to conduct any events at the highest level of quality.  

Jalgora Active Leisure Centre is open to receive: 


For companies, we offer the conduction of corporate events that would unify co-workers and afford a great pleasure. 

It’s a well-known fact that while on vacation people do enjoy life together, and this joy is completely sincere. This is the secret to success and it is a unique opportunity to create an atmosphere of unity and mutual understanding among colleagues. 

We will plan and provide a unique concept for your event and will take care of all the organization details. 

We can also provide quality catering and restaurant services with no regard to the budget or format of the event. 


The Jalgora Active Leisure Centre has all necessary equipment for these types of events, such as: 

  • Confortable conference-hall with panoramic view
  • Media-projector 
  • Sound and lighting equipment 

Moreover, we complement your event with quality catering and a cultural program. 


We are prepared to provide a venue or organize:

  • Sports competitions
  • Sports events
  • Children's parties
  • Open airs 
  • Festivals
  • City or republic level events 

Jalgora Active Leisure Centre is open year-round as a venue to conduct a whole range of events at an European level. It is open to receive up to 3500 people simultaneously.