Ski lift safety rules

1. Lifts are designed for passengers with skis (or snowboards) on their feet.

2. Warning: Use of the lifts comes with risk, please use with appropriate caution and obey the safety rules.
3. Before riding the lift, please read the following safety rules.

4. Loading and unloading are only allowed at designated areas in the presence of a lift operator.
5. Before loading, snowboarders have to release one leg from their binding.
6. To load, stand in front of the approaching lift, facing towards the road and parallel of the lift.

7. After loading, lower the safety bar. When approaching the unloading area, lift the safety bar and prepare for unloading.
8. If the chair is not fully loaded, sit in the center to avoid tilting or unbalancing the chair.
9. Pay attention and obey all signs located at the stations and along the chairlift route.
10. Clear the unloading area immediately.
11. Passengers, please listen and obey the operator’s instructions at all times.
12. While accompanying children up to 12 years old, adult is responsible for kid's safety at loading, lifting and unloading from a chairlift.
13. The lift is designated to carry passengers from lower to upper stations.
14. The ski lift stops operating at the end of the working day.


1. To use the lift without skis or a snowboard.
2. No more than 4 persons in per ski lift.
3. To lift or leave the restraining bar up during the ride.
4. To stand while riding.
5. To bounce or swing on the ski lift.

6. To carry explosive, flammable, toxic or other dangerous substances.

7. To be at other areas than load and unload stations.

8. To use the lift while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
9. To smoke at loading and unloading zones or while riding.
10. To climb on ski lift equipment or metal constructions.
11. Unsupervised use by children under 12 years old.