Construction of the sports and tourist ski resort Jalguba has started in the Prionezhskiy region.  The resort is going to be the biggest of its kind in Karelia and plans to open its doors this coming year! 

Yesterday, the first of four lifting towers was installed at the construction site of the new ski resort. The building of this Centre is under the supervision and control of the Head of the Republic of Karelia. Expectations are set for the complex to open this year in a test mode phase. 

Jalguba will be located 15 km from Petrozavodsk on the Onega Lake shore. It will be the biggest alpine ski centre in Karelia and possess the first-ever chairlift in the Republic. 

The new complex will host Republic- and Nationwide-level competitions. Moreover, it will be a venue for training of young skiers from sport schools and Karelian pupils. 

Source: http://rk.karelia.ru/news/v-prionezhskom-rayone-zalozhili-samyiy-bolshoy-v-karelii-gornolyizhnyiy-tsentr/

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