The first of four lifting towers has recently been installed in the new ski resort that is now under construction in the Prionezhskiy region of Karelia. 

It is planned that the ski resort centre will start working this year in a ‘test mode’. 

According to the investment project, Jalguba is going to be the biggest alpine ski resort in Karelia, while the chairlift system is the first of its kind in the Republic. 

Jalguba will be known as the venue for hosting Republican, as well as National level, sports competitions. Here, young skiers from the children and youth sports schools, as well as pupils wishing to learn the basics of skiing, will be able to train. 

The project is fully financed from investment funds. According to the investment program, the approximate volume of required expenses to complete the project is around 4 million USD. 

It will be a sports and resort alpine ski centre open for year-round use. The architectural decision of hotel complex is presented by the group of wooden buildings with a main hotel building made of wood and metal boards. The hotel complex also includes additional buildings, such as pavilions, saunas, carports, a museum of the Karelian epos “Kalevala”, etc. 

The distinctive features of the project include: 

  1. An eсo-village of wooden buildings constructed under Finnish technologies, which will attract those ones who love Finnish designs. 
  2. Special Karelian complex architecture will make it attractive to those who desire the genuine feel of Karelia.
  3. A museum of Karelian wooden masterpieces made from old buildings and of “Kalevala” epos will make an already beautiful place even more interesting, from an historic and ethnographic point of view. This will highlight the uniqueness of the Russian Karelia. 
  4. The onshore location on the Onega Lake will attract not only great fishing fans, but fans of water sports as well, and there are plans to turn the complex into a base for the Onega Regatta. 
  5. The mountain proximity will attract lovers of skiing and snowboarding. 
  6. Jalguba will organize tours to Kizhi Island, Kivach waterfall and famous petroglyphs, as well as to the mysterious corners of the Karelian forest villages. This will attract lovers of historical and esoteric vacations. 
  7. Its proximity to the capital of the Republic of Karelia, Petrozavodsk (15 km), and its convenient transport facilities and road services distinguish Jalgora from other centres. 

The Jalguba hotel and entertainment complex may receive up to 300 people a day, averaging more than 75,000 people a year at the average occupancy of 70%. 

Source: http://karelinform.ru/?id=35871  

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