JALGORA” is a centre of active leisure for the whole family and the first-ever alpine ski resort in Karelia, equipped with a brand new and safe 4 chair lift. 

Jalgora has a slope with a height difference of 100 metres and length up to 400 metres, perfect for skiing, training, and simply enjoying the fresh, crisp snow. 

But that is far from all that can be said about Jalgora’s Active Leisure Centre. 

Name of the centre is conformable with the names of the Jalguba bay and small village located nearby. 

Why Jalgora? 

“Jalo” is a word from the Veps language, which means “big”. The word adds a national flavour to the resort, as Veps are one of the groups of Karelian indigenous peoples. 

The meaning of the title “BIG Mountain” is not only about its height, which extends about 122 metres above the sea (this is quite a lot for the area). The main semantic significance is found in the great potential of opening the Jalgora Active Leisure Centre in Karelia.   

It also encompasses a very unique location: the mountain and lakeshore, as well as the ground relief, will allow Jalgora to become a year-round centre for sports development in the North-West of Russia. 

Resort History


FIRST: to provide an opportunity to practice winter and summer sports, as well as to promote them among the residents and visitors of Karelia and the North-West region. 

SECOND: to create a multi-functional sports complex,  a so-called “Mecca” for athletes training to compete on national and international levels. 

The perspective development plan for Jalgora includes the creation of: 

During summer, a base for water sports is being planned, as well as the creation of conditions for sailing sports. 

This will allow athletes to prepare for participation in the Winter Olympic Games in a variety of different winter sports, such as:

THIRD: as the social aspect is no less important, to  create a development centre for children and youth to participate in sports. To build a children’s residential sports school. 

The emergence of such a centre will attract youth to sports and reduce the brain drain from the republic.  

Clearly, implementation of these directions will allow youth and adult residents of the republic, as well as all of the North-West regions, to join in sports, and for professional athletes to attain new heights. 

Further development of “Jalgora” active leisure and sport centre will depend on joint efforts from local and regional authorities, as well as sportsmen – professionals and anyone who is attracted to sports and supports a healthy life-style.